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What our customers are saying about Rhodes Gutter Service! 

We just used Rhodes Gutter Service. Great customer service, reasonably priced and he was really great to work with.

Stephanie Butler

We recommend Rhodes Gutter Service. We were very pleased with his work and will definitely use again.

Teresa Dooley

Jud Rhodes cleaned our gutters and did a fantastic job...I would highly recommend him. His phone is 217-413-9223

Pam Hays

Jud Rhodes cleaned our gutters and did a fantastic job...I would highly recommend him. His phone is 217-413-9223

Pam Hays

We just had Rhodes Gutter Service work on ours. Jud called me back the same day I contacted them and a few days later he came out and did the work. Nice guy and a fair price!

Todd Weir

Great service and very responsive. He even cleared out a couple of wasps nest for us at no extra cost. Thank you, Jud!

Monika Braun

He cleaned the gutters and installed gutter screens on our 2 story house.

Jud returned our call and came out the same day to give us an estimate. He returned the following day to clean our gutters, install gutter guards and made some repairs (reattached some gutter brackets). He was very personable, fast, efficient and professional. We would definitely use him again and recommend him to others

-Joan Wurzburger

Jud was awesome. Replied quickly to my initial inquiry, gave a good estimate, & showed up on time to do the job. He needed to go buy a taller ladder (32 feet) to reach upper gutters but took care of that quickly. Professional, courteous, and good at his job. Also an effective communicator. Will definitely hire him to clean gutters again. Highly recommended!!

-Timothy Dean

Cleaned my gutters! Did a great job, and was very organized and easy to do business with.

-Krystal Horsman

Jud is great to work with. He came to clean my gutters 2 days after I contacted him. I wasn't home, but he came anyway and did the job, sent me pictures to confirm his work. I will definitely use his services again in the future.

Tim Rice

He was terrific. Very responsive, scheduled the appointment very quickly, came and did his thing fast. Really nice guy. Would absolutely have him do it again

-Karen Biddle

We contacted Jud through the contact form on his website late on a Friday morning requesting a quote for cleaning out the gutters and downspouts at our home. He emailed us back the same day explaining that he wouldn't be able to get us a quote until Monday (which was fine as we didn't really expect to hear back from him at all until Monday) but if we could get him pictures of the outside of the house he could get us a quote over email. We texted him the pictures he requested on Sunday morning and he responded with a quote the same day, explaining the quote and letting us know he could take care of everything on Monday morning. He arrived on Monday morning, as expected, and completed the job. Not only did he clean out the gutters and downspouts, he also used his vacuum system to clean up the leaves around the perimeter of the house, including under the grill, patio furniture and deck stairs! This guy is pretty awesome!

-Michelle Doyle

Jud came out and cleaned very full gutters and downspouts. Fixed a piece of the gutter that was falling off. Jud is extremely professional, quick, and performs services at a fair price. I would recommend him to my closest friends and family.

-Thomas Navickas

Rhodes gutter service arrived as scheduled, cleaned all of the gutters, and put me on the schedule in the spring for follow up service if needed. Mr. Rhodes was very professional and courteous. I will be using his services on a regular basis.

-Kevin Vinson

Jud cleaned gutters, downspouts and made certain all were firmly attached to the house. I live in a 2 story, 15 year old house that the trees are just too close to the house. Two trees were removed last fall, but had left leaves and debris to clog the gutters and downspouts. Jud communicated very well (through email and texts), sending a reminder text the night before and left a receipt in the door. He also sent a text this evening stating what he had done. All the Angie's List reviews were spot on! I will likely have Jud take a look at another property I have.

Thanks Jud, and thanks Angie's List reviewers! Angie's List is my go-to place for references.

T. Miller

Bloomington, IL

I did not use the service as my neighbor ended up doing the job. I was very impressed by his quick response to my request for a quote and his very kind response after I cancelled his service. I would certainly recommend him to any and all who need this service!

Toni Kindel

Cleaned all the gutters and downspouts, and a patch of debris on the roof, on our very tall 4-square house. Very responsive! I submitted a request for quote through the website and heard back within 24 hours. Was able to text the owner pictures of the house for the quote and got a very reasonable quote within hours. I was put on the schedule and was notified the morning of the day that he planned to come to our house. The owner and his employee arrived and were courteous, efficient and did a great job! We will be calling them every spring/summer for annual maintenance

Samantha Lindgren

Champaign, IL

Well my sister, parents and myself just had our gutters cleaned and polished by Rhodes Gutter Service and I cannot say enough good about them. Professional, friendly, and over the top wonderful!! Thanks again so much! From the Sowas, Mowrys, and Browns!! Great affordable service!!

Sharon Sowa RN

Jud cleaned gutters & downspouts on 2 story house and detached garage. Also added additional downspouts. He had a inspection before we met, contacted me with an estimate and then performed the work in one evening (working around my schedule). He cleaned up the area, was very conscience of the backyard gates (as we have small dogs) and was very friendly. Even my dogs liked him. Fast, efficient, professional.

Jude Webster

Bloomington, IL

My husband contacted this company after we never heard from another company we called over 3 weeks ago concerning the need to have our clogged gutters cleaned. He called Jud on Tuesday and was told to send a series of pictures so that Jud could provide an estimate. Soon after the pictures were sent Jud called to provide an estimate and to say he could be there the next day. Jud stated we did not need to be at home and he actually did come while my husband was at work and while I was at an appointment. I was gone from the house for about 2 hours and Jud had come and gone during that time. I wouldn't even had known he had been there except he found an old toy that ended up on the roof years ago and left it on our deck. There was no residue or remnants of what had been in the gutters around the house. We have flower beds and plantings all around the house and none of these were damaged. He called my husband afterwards to let him know the work had been done and what he had found to be the problem. We never got the chance to meet Jud in person but we would definitely hire him again and will recommend him to our friends and neighbors in need of gutter cleaning.

Mr & Mrs. James Dooley

Cleaned and checked gutters and roof. My mom was in the hospital she fell and had surgery, I've been busy. They did great work and I am already recommending to friends.

Brenda Auer

Jud came and clean the gutter. He finished the job before I got home. But he explained that the gutters are all cleared. Rain from last night didn't show any problems like before the cleaning. bottom line: I will re-use his service.

Liangtao Zhu

We got an immediate response to our inquiry about having our gutters cleaned. We were able to text photos and get a cost estimate that way, since he is based in a different town. We called at a very busy time (everyone was waiting until the maple tree helicopters were all down before getting their gutters cleaned), but Rhodes Gutter Service was straight forward about the scheduling. When he needed to come a couple days later because of weather delays, he phoned to let us know. I saw zillions of helicopters shoot from the gutters while he cleaned, but he used an air vac to clean everything up before he left. We were very happy with the service.

Brian Ross

Completely cleaned gutters and valleys, removed all debris. Great service, with a smile! He was pleasant, professional, finished quickly. I use Rhodes Gutter Service to clean my gutters 2 times per year. I will continue to use his company whenever I need too even if that means 3 times per year =). Thank you Jud Rhodes for the great job you do on our property!

Jud cleaned all of our gutters and downspouts, disposed of the debris, and cleaned up the ground around the house after he was finished. It was great! Jud called us back right away. He was in another town about an hour or so away, so he had us text him pictures of all 4 sides of our house and gave us an estimate within 10 mins. We asked him to put us on his schedule. He got to us in less than a week. He apologized for not getting to us sooner, but the delay was because of weather, so no fault of his. We have a large 2 story house and it took him less than 2 hours. He's fast, reasonably priced, and super super nice!! We would highly recommend him for your gutter cleaning needs!

Dan & Gina Roberds

Lexington, IL

It went fantastic he arrived on time knocked on the door to me know he was here and went right to work cleaning gutters asked if there was anything else he could do like trim back the tree limbs or replace flood light bulbs while he was here he did an excellent job and I WILL be using him again Thanks a million Jud!

Sean and Kate Kelly

The process was very easy. I just had to leave the check in my door, and he stopped by in the afternoon. He also made it a point to call me back about concerns he had with my gutter installation. He does not install gutters, so he had no incentive to lie to me or con me into buying something. He seemed to genuinely care and made sure I was aware of this issue. He even offered to come over and show us the issue. Definitely recommend!

Tara Hjalmquist

Jud cleaned the gutters and fixed one up. He kept in contact via text and through Angie's List. It took him a while to get to us because he had so many people already on his schedule (and because of time of year I suspect), but he did get to us and did a great job. I'll ask him again next time.

Benjamin Grosser

Previous owner of our home had moved away for more than a year, and when we moved in we found the gutter had been clogged with leaves from last fall. Rhodes Gutter Service replied to my message within 48 hours, and they were able to schedule and provide a service 2 days later. They were prompt and did the job well. I will use them again.

-Anna Hennequet

Rhode's Gutter Service completely exceeded my expectations. After visiting their website I filled out the contact form and one hour later Jud gave me a call. He said he'd come over to my house for a free inspection/estimate and two hours later he was there (wow!). The estimate was very reasonable for my two story home and I set up an appointment for Jud to clean the gutters in three days. As promised, he showed up on time, took care of the gutters, and cleaned everything up. He was friendly and very easy to talk to. I wish he did more than just gutter cleaning - I'd hire him in a heartbeat. I highly recommend Rhode's Gutter Service for your gutter cleaning.

Robert Woyak

We have a two story home and in the back it is three stories high. He came and went up on the roof and cleaned out all the downspouts and gutters. He cleaned up any mess when he completed the job. He did a very neat and clean job. We would definitely use him again if needed.

Kathi Webb

I had an excellent experience with Rhodes Gutter Service. This was the first time using him, and I got his information from Angie's List as he had received excellent reviews. I am adding my excellent review as well. I called and left a message on Thursday afternoon, and Jud returned my call on the weekend. I was fortunate that he was able to schedule his visit for the same morning that I was going to be home from work attending to another matter. I have a one-story house with a carport, He arrived on schedule and took about an hour to clean all of my gutters and clean up the mess afterwards. I couldn't have asked for a nicer fellow! Very personable, polite, and professional. He did an excellent job! Since I can no longer climb ladders myself, I am planning to use Rhodes Gutter Service every spring and fall to make sure my gutters stay cleared of leaves and the "helicopters" from my neighbor's tree. Thanks, Jud!

Darcy Gillan

Jud cleaned the gutters at my father's house (which had not been done in many, many, years!). I live far away and he was very good about taking pictures of his work so that I could feel comfortable about paying him. The pictures showed that he did a thorough job and my father said he was very friendly, courteous, and efficient. I have recommended him to my mother and plan on using his services again.

Leslie Brodie

Jud did a GREAT job. We hadn't had our gutters cleaned in a LONG time, and he meticulously took care of everything and cleaned up very well afterwards. Even though it was a harder and messier job than I suspect he anticipated, he refused my offer of additional payment beyond what we were originally quoted. I will definitely use his services again.

Cara Finnegan

We contacted Jud yesterday to see about his availability and pricing. After hearing his estimated quote for our two story house, we decided to go ahead and hire him. Today he showed up earlier than the estimated time (a good thing in my book), finished the job quickly and now we have clean, unclogged gutters. Excellent professional quality service and someone I would definitely be willing to have come back again the next time we need the gutters serviced. I would highly recommend him!

Shelby Rottler

We had a clogged downspout, and it was causing water to pool around our homes foundation. I contacted Rhodes Gutter Service via their website after seeing the positive reviews here. I missed their initial call, but was really glad when Jud contacted me via text, and was able to give me what I considered to be a very reasonable estimate for his service.

I explained our downspout was blocked, and he was great about letting me know he would set us as a priority (weather permitting). When I came home today, the gutters had been cleaned, and he left no traces of what I'm sure was the wet sloppy mess he had to remove. I was impressed with the professionalism, great customer service, and all around good job that was done. I will be using Rhodes Gutter Service again in the future, as well as recommeding them to our friends.

Stephanie Butler

Bloomington, IL

We were given Jud's number after several failed attempts with other gutter cleaning companies. Our gutters are very high.. Jud did not give up! He rented a lift & brought it to Maroa. Jud did an Awesome job! He took before & after pictures. The cost for renting the lift, traveling to our house & cleaning the gutters was very reasonable! We will be using his services again!

Thanks Jud!

Sheri Hoffman

We contacted Jud to take care of our gutters and he was fast, inexpensive and thorough! I would HIGHLY recommend Rhodes Gutter Service for cleaning your gutters. Great work Jud!

Thank you!!!


My wife and I were talking about the gutters needing to be cleaned so I started looking around online and found Rhodes gutter service gave them a call and within three days he was out to clean them he is very friendly prices are great and I now have gutters that drain!

Thanks Jud Sean and Kate Kelly

VERY impressed with the work and professionalism of Rhodes Gutter Service! The gutters on our 100 year old house hadn't been cleaned for many years. They were here when they said they'd be here and did an amazing job. Glad to have finally found someone to take care of our gutters for years to come!

Cerella M. Di Mondo

I called Jud on a tip from a co-worker because I was talking about needing to get gutters cleaned on our rental properties. Jud came out and gave me a very fair offer on the properties, and the work was done in a timely manner, I am so happy to have gotten this done and to use someone so friendly and makes you know the money was well worth it. I will use him again!

Thanks Jud.

Kandi Currie / Owner

Currie Rentals

I had Jud repair a gutter for me and he repaired it exactly the way I wanted. He also checked all of my other gutters and made suggestions for improvement. He told me what he was going to do and received my approval before doing any work. Most importantly, he was efficient, honest, and his prices are excellent. I highly recommend him and I've already passed my recommendation on to several people to contact him if they ever need any gutter work.

- Lori Graham

I was a little hesitant about calling someone that I found on Facebook and hadn't been referred to me by anyone. I messaged Jud and he got right back to me and came out to do an estimate within an hour or so. I figured if I didn't feel comfortable with him I could always tell him we had changed our minds. It was just the opposite. Jud is a super nice, honest, and hard working guy. He came the following day to clean our gutters even though he had already done 6 other houses and it was drizzling rain. I will be recommending him to my friends and calling him back again next year!

- Joan

Thanks Jud for the job well done. My 105 year old house is not really gutter cleaning friendly and with the cold windy rainy day we had you did an awesome job Thanks again!

- Cindy Dupont

Very impressed with Rhodes Gutter Service. Messaged one evening..... He came by and looked at my gutters in the dark and able to provide me with an estimate. He was able to put on the schedule the next day!!! How impressive is that. Great price for my pocketbook. Have already passed out the business cards that were left. I most definitely will call again!! Thanks again for everything.

- Michelle Harris

Completely impressed that Jud contacted me and completed the work with a great bid all within 24 hours of contacting him. Great work and even did some extra that he didnt have to do. Will definately be using this service in the future and recomending him to everyone I know!

Thanks so much Jud!

Jennifer Cunningham

I was amazed to have Jud contact me almost immediately after I left a message on this website. He gave me consise information, answered my questions and was able to fit me into his schedule the very next day. Those are customer satisfaction skills that are difficult to come by these days! The work was done well, with no mess left behind. I have already recommended him to family members and will do so to friends as well. Thank you Jud!!

-Sue Smeltzer

The service I got was above and beyond. Courteous, hard working, prompt, reliable. I recommend and have signed up for service year-round.

-Joyce Lindelof

Jud did an amazing job. He was very professional and very kind. He explained what he was doing and why. He went above and beyond what I expected and when the job was a little more than he anticipated he didn't even mutter a word of charging more. He was quick and clean. I will def. be calling him again to do our gutters bi-annually now. Thanks Jud!


When another guy promised to do my gutters never showed up, I learned that Jud Rhodes was reliable. One call was all it took. Jud arrived on the day promised, gave me an estimate and arranged a time to do the work that was mutually convenient. When it looked like an earlier rain would keep him from being able to effectively clean them, he was in contact with me to let me know. Today, as planned, Jud arrived and cleaned my gutters, some of which were 40' in height. Jud was pleasant and professional. We have discussed a routine cleaning schedule and I find it quite affordable. I recommend Rhodes Gutter Service to anyone who needs quality, affordable and reliable gutter service.

- Joel Novick

Rhodes gutter service was spot on. We heard about Rhodes Gutter service through a friend and we could not be happier with the service. Jud came out and gave an estimate and was able to do the job the same day. He was very professional and was super personable. The estimate he gave was so affordable that we signed up for his 2 X per year maintenance plan. It's nice to know that honest hard working people are still around that you feel comfortable to refer to friends and family. Thank you again Jud!

- Allison

Jud did an amazing job with our gutters! He was fast, efficient and very courteous. His system of gutter cleaning is very clean and efficient. It saved us from having to go on top of our roof (we have a bi level home with high gutters). He saved us from having to replace our guttering as well! Jud was very personable on the phone when he spoke about how and what he would be doing. He did a free estimate and offered a very reasonable price. We were very fortunate that he came out and highly recommend him! We will definitely be using his services again.

-Ed and Bobbie L.

"Buying a new house you always forget things that could turn into catastrophe and cost a lot of money.. luckily Jud Rhodes came all the way to taylorville to clean our gutters for dirt cheap! And when I say dirt I mean the 3 inches of muck plus leaves, a wolf spider nest, a bird nest, and some standing water were in our gutters! Sick. Thanks so much Jud! It was nice catching up.. glad I didn't run into those spiders!"

-Kevin and Amanda Moran

"Ok, so I know it has been a while since we have had rain, but I noticed my gutters at new house weren't draining the water and since it is supposed to rain the next few days, I needed to take care of this!! So I sent a message to Jud Rhodes and he came right out and gave me a great estimate and had time to do the gutters the same day!! What he found was hilarious (maybe he will post pics)! Thanks again Jud!! Bring on the rain!

-Sara K

While I have not had a job done by Rhodes gutter service, I have had the privledge of actually performing 2 seperate gutter cleaning jobs. I have personally known Jud for 17 yrs. so when he called me about this awesome system, I couldn't say no. I have been in the construction business for over 20 yrs. I was a HUGE SKEPTIC! Well this system not only proved me wrong- IT WORKS PHENOMINALLY!! Highly recommend this system of cleaning gutters over anything I have ever used or seen.

Rusty Greenwood

Youth Pastor

Rez Life

We needed our gutters cleaned and Jud came out and took care of the situation. He provided great service and was very affordable. Thanks again!


Jud came out and cleaned all my gutters and downspouts. He was extremely affordable. Highly recommend his services to anyone needing their gutters cleaned. -Ron Pigati

"Water not flowing out of your gutters?? Owner/operator Jud Rhodes took EXCELLENT care of our gutter issues before the rains and the fall weather!!!! Contact Rhodes Gutter Services for all you gutter needs in central Illinois. Free estimates! Call today 217-413-9223

-Antonio Butts

I saw review on Decatur Anonymous, so I called and Jud came and gave me a very reasonable quote. I had him clean my gutters and he did a great job, also Jud is a very personable guy. I would highly recommend him.

- Bill Boles

I've personally known Jud for my entire adult life, and although I can't say he's used his amazing gutter cleaning system for me (I live in Georgia - long haul for a 20 minute job haha) I can truly attest to his utmost sincerity, honesty, and integrity in all aspects of his life. I guarantee you will be satisfied with his services and professionalism and you will call him back time and time again. Now if I could just get him to move to Georgia!

-Tommy Harris

I can very highly recommend Rhodes Gutter Service. Mr. Rhodes is very professional, and he provides thorough service. In my opinion, he goes above and beyond any other service of this nature. I will definitely be contacting Rhodes Gutter Service again!!

-Carolyn Wagner-Turner

Jud is the type of guy that always comes through on his promises. Jud is very trustworthy and a hard worker. Couldn't think of a better person to trust with my home. Thanks Jud!

-Ryan A.

Jud Rhodes is a trustworthy professional. He did a great job on my gutters. He removed lots of leaves and slime, along with the two newspapers I complained about not receiving.

Thanks, Jud!

Ginger Harris


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